Quality Control

Our quality control department is equipped with a “state of the art” measuring system. Utilizing both our Mycrona 3D Multi-Sensor CNC measuring machine and our Fowler Sylvac Z-Cal Height Gage tight tolerances are carefully inspected.

Mycrona 3D Multi-Sensor CNC measuring machine

Our Mycrona Multi-Sensor CNC measuring machine has both a high-resolution camera along with a TP200 Renishaw Probe. The Mycrona Primus machine has a measurement resolution of 0.5um (.000020 in.) for all 3 axis. Our Mycrona also has Geomatic 3D programming and analysis software for outputting data along with contour analysis software for DXF comparison.

Fowler Sylvac Z-Cal Height Gage

Our Fowler Height Gage with a Ruby Probe allows us to measure diameters, centerlines, and concentricity range 300mm Resolution .00005 in. Accuracy 4um Repeatability.

We have a complete line of measuring equipment ranging from:

  • Mitutoyo BoreMatic Range 1" - 2" Accuracy+/-.0002
  • Sunnen Dial Bore Gage Range 2" - 6" Accuracy +/-.0001
  • Myer Gage Pins
  • Thread & Plug Gages
  • Digital Calipers
  • Digital Micrometers
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Indicators

Each item will be carefully handled throughout the manufacturing process. Our goal is to supply your product so that it is cleaned inspected and packaged professionally to your specifications.

E2 Production Software

Our E2 Software Program efficiently tracks the progress of your project through the shop, keeping it on budget and on time. E2 does this by allowing Bickford Precision to:

  • Control all aspects of the production process
  • Balance workflow by keeping engineering, accounting, machine scheduling
  • Purchasing, inspection and shipping fully informed at all times
  • Keep production costs under control
  • Offers a "real time" view of the status of your jobs

Best of all, E2 helps us improve customer satisfaction.